Five Star Technology Solutions Transforms Professional Development

Five Star Technology Solutions Transforms Professional Development Company expands nationwide reach by creating an innovative hub of learning Jeffersonville, IN: Five Star Technology Solutions today announced the Five Star Learning Lab, a new online resource for K-12 districts nationwide. The Five Star Learning Lab is a professional development software for educators that features live weekly […]

What’s your Passion Project?

What’s your Passion Project? Being a Professional Development Specialist and technology coach at Five Star often means being called into situations where you could be asked to provide solutions to anything and everything related to school technology. Then, there are other times when you are asked to provide expert guidance and support on a topic […]

Social-Emotional Learning while Remote and Hybrid

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text font_color=”#000000″] Social-Emotional Learning while Remote and Hybrid No matter the role you play for students, you’ve likely come to appreciate the fact that social and emotional skills permeate just about every facet of the school experience (and life!). Because of this realization, many educators have been highlighting Social-Emotional Learning’s cornerstones—self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision-making, relationship […]

Leading with Compassion: Setting the Tone for 2021

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text font_color=”#000000″] Leading with Compassion: Setting the Tone for 2021 It’s likely that when you hear the word contagious, especially after coming off of the year we just had, your first thought isn’t school culture.  But for anyone who has been a part of an uplifting team, or conversely, a toxic one, you know that […]

Making Connections

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Every person’s set of life experiences are very different. Recognizing this in our daily interactions with kids can really go a long way in making us better teachers. One might think that celebrating these differences is about relationship building through empathy and compassion. While that is definitely true, personal experiences serve an even more important […]

Curiosity and Learning: An Explorer’s Guide

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I can never walk past a set of coin-operated binoculars without dropping a coin in the slot. There is something about the novelty of what awaits on the other side of that lens that creates an undeniable sense of wonder. The gazer gets a new perspective on the world, and a new set of details […]

Producing the Future

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Bees. Cows. Factories. What do all these things have in common? They make stuff. Bees make honey. Cows make milk. Factories make goods. All of these items are vital, and most are useful. Without makers, we would be in trouble. This concept is central to the Maker Movement in education which promotes the idea of […]

For Students, Sharing Is More About Getting Than Giving

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Sharing a stick of gum is far from scary. Giving something you have to another person is an act that demonstrates empathy and compassion, even if it is just a stick of gum. Sharing is very important in our lives, and it helps to create a true sense of community. We share because it makes […]

Modeling by Example

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How can we teach students to use technology in a responsible way?  The answer to that question is tricky. Digital citizenship has so many facets. Our kids need to have the skills necessary to navigate many different aspects of the online world. Educating students about appropriate online behavior, screen time, life skills, safety, and more […]


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When I was a kid, I used to fall asleep in the car every time my family took even a short trip. I’d settle in, close my eyes, and magically end up at our destination. My mom or dad was my driver and my guide. Once I got my license, I would often have to […]