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Managing your fleet of Chromebooks is a time-consuming task. Tracking missing devices, identifying auto-update expiration dates, and determining which Chromebooks are not being used are all crucial elements to keep your IT team working proactively. 

The Chromebook Engagement Dashboard gives your team unparalleled insights into your district’s Chromebooks. With a simple sync between your SIS and Google Admin Console, you’ll be able to see your data like never before. 

What is the Chromebook Engagement Dashboard?

k12 chromebook dashboard

Simply put, the Chromebook Engagement Dashboard is your window into device data already being collected by Google.

The dashboard comes with a variety of pages that deliver important insights to your Chromebooks. Want to know how many OS versions are running across your devices in a particular elementary school? There’s a page for that! 

Your team can quickly identify:
– Which OS versions are currently active to ensure state testing compliance
– How many devices were inactive for the last 30 days
– Last Known Networks for tracking lost or stolen devices
– When devices are coming up on their Auto Update Expiration
– How often a specific user was active on their Chromebook…and more!

The best part about the dashboard? Once you sync your data, you never have to update the information again! The Chromebook Engagement Dashboard will automatically sync new devices added to your fleet, updates to OS versions, enrollment, and more. 

Okay, so how much does it cost?

Pricing for the dashboard is based on your district’s enrollment, beginning at $1,500 per year plus a one-time setup fee of $1,000. 

It’s easy to get started! 

  1. Choose your plan based on enrollment
  2. Fill out the brief interest form below 
  3. Our team will reach out within two business days to schedule a planning meeting and establish a timetable for rollout
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< 2,500 Students

  • $1,000 setup fee

2,500 - 4,999 Students

  • $1,000 setup fee

5,000 - 9,999 Students

  • $1,000 setup fee

10,000 - 20,000 Students

  • $1,000 setup fee

Does your district have more than 20,000 students?
Let’s chat! Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch. 

We know every K-12 organization is unique, which is why all of our quotes are custom-built based on your needs. Once you request a quote through the form below, our team will reach out to get the ball rolling. We can schedule a demo for you and your staff or we can jump straight to the planning meeting to discuss syncing your SIS with the data from your Google Admin Console.

Want to see more? Download the whitepaper Working Proactively: Visualizing K12 Chromebook Data here. 

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