Data-Driven Decisions with G Suite

When school leaders invest in new technology, they need to make sure the time and resources make a difference when it comes to teaching and student learning. As a Google Cloud, Professional Development, and Transformation Partner, Five Star works with school leaders to create, monitor, and reflect on relevant data they feel tells their story so they can confidently make better decisions to have the greatest impact on their school district.


Five Star has created virtual learning opportunities for educators to help schools create awesome learning experiences for their students. Each session is uniquely designed to

Fit the needs of today's learners

Break down each subject to fit the needs of each individual


Bundle One | G Suite Dashboard (Free)

There is a wealth of data attached to your organization’s G Suite domain.  This data can be downloaded and filtered through our pre-built G Suite Dashboards to unlock valuable insights.  This bundle includes a collection of dashboards, a Getting Started Guide, and a Dashboard Discussion with a K-12 Specialist (30 minutes, virtual). 

G Suite for Education Dashboards
G Suite for Education Dashboards

Bundle Two | GSEfE Dashboard Bundle ($500)

G Suite Enterprise for Education (GSEfE) offers school leaders access to even more valuable data, but requires a working knowledge of Google Data Studio and Big Query to make it actionable.  Five Star offers pre-built dashboards that can easily be installed on school district domains for an immediate impact.

G Suite for Education Dashboards
G Suite for Education Dashboards

Bundle Three | GSEfE Dashboards + Virtual Transformation Workshops ($1,000)

When a school district moves to GSEfE, they are unlocking a powerful collection of tools to improve teaching and learning in their school district.  However, in order to make an immediate impact, leaders need some guidance on best practices for using these tools effectively.  

The Five Star Transformation Team offers school districts two 90-minute (or one three-hour) virtual workshops: Security, Teaching & Learning.  Each workshop includes an introduction to the applicable powerful features available within GSEfE (security, classroom usage, originality reports, etc.) and a Five Star Dashboard to help school leaders get started right away with data-driven decisions. 

The GSEfE Transformation Workshops are a great first step towards leveraging these tools to strategize, model, and form connections between your IT and curricular departments and make the greatest impact on instruction and student learning.  This bundle includes both workshops, the Security/Teaching & Learning Dashboards, and two Dashboard Discussions with a K-12 Specialist (30 minutes each, virtual).

Five Star Custom Dashboards

For the past 15 years, Five Star has been a national partner helping school districts visualize data and make data-driven decisions. We work with leaders to build custom dashboards to help school districts truly know whether they are on track to meet school, district, and state goals.  Our data visualization experts guide teams through the process of building dashboards that visualize data, not only from within G Suite, but also from student information systems (SIS), assessments, and other software commonly used by school districts.

Five Star Dashboards provide valuable visualizations for all stakeholders within a district (district leaders, building leaders, and classroom teachers).  Data is only powerful when it answers a question that results in potential actions to impact teaching and learning.  The Five Star Custom Dashboard process begins with a conversation where we identify the big questions leaders have so we can make specific recommendations for visualizing their data.  This process ensures we are helping each individual school district find answers to the questions that matter most to them.

Potential Dashboard Scenarios

Academic Insights

Are students in one English class more active in Google Drive than students in another English class, and, if so, does that correlate to student writing level?

Device Usage and Impact

If students aren't using their Chromebook, does it indicate a possible problem that might impact other factors like their attendance, grades, and assessments?

Strategies for Success

If a student is doing poorly in a class largely because they have forgotten to turn in assignments, is there evidence this student would be more successful if he\she increased usage of organization tools like Google Classroom?

G Suite for Education Dashboards

Address Equity

Does an examination of G Suite usage data disaggregated by demographic factors (student's free/reduced status, etc.) identify and help address student equity issues?

Identify Needs

Does a grade level comparison of teacher usage of collaborative tools like G Suite make a case for additional needs, like additional staff professional development?

Accelerated Response

Does a view of multiple data points (attendance, grades, behavior incidents, assessment data, etc.) on a student provide you with the data you need to identify at-risk or high ability students?

Building Level Awareness

Does a disaggregation of G Suite usage data by school building help visualize the effect of PLCs or verify the impact of targeted strategies?

Interested in learning more about Five Star Dashboards and/or the GSEfE Transformation Workshops?  We would love the opportunity to share more information and examples of how we have worked with other school districts to make sure technology makes a difference with instruction and learning. 

Contact Erik Mosier at or 812-545-6004 to learn more.

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“What I love about working for Five Star is the amount of tools and solutions that we have at our disposal. We are able to do so many different things, and that allows us to take a consultative and individual approach to each one of our clients. Our focus is on what is best for you and your school.”