the Audacity to Be Optimistic

The Audacity to Be Optimistic Written by Dr. Jason Roseberry President Five Star Technology Solutions I want to just take a moment and congratulate all

Cybersecurity Posture

3 Ways to Increase Your Cybersecurity Posture Every day, it seems there is another headline about a high-profile data breach, ransomware attack, or some other

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A Regular Year - Five Star Blog

Written by Ana Rynders & Leslie Kiel Professional Development Specialists Five Star Technology Solutions “A Regular Year” For many schools, this year means more funding

Forget Learning Loss; Let’s Talk Gains Written by Cheryl Adams Professional Development Specialist Five Star Technology Solutions Let’s stop dismissing what has happened in the

Work Smarter Not Harder - Five Star Technology Solutions

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Educator’s Edition Written by Leslie Kiel Innovative Learning Specialist Five Star Technology Solutions Tumble outta bed And I stumble to the

Digital Classroom Cleanup

Digital Classroom Cleanup 101 Written by Katie BradfordAssociate Director of Professional DevelopmentFive Star Technology Solutions Phew. It has been a year. The good news is

Surviving the Storm: What Can We Learn from ILEARN? - Five Star Technology Solutions - K12 EdTech

Surviving the Storm: What Can We Learn from ILEARN? Written by Brad Fischer Senior Director of Data Analytics Five Star Technology Solutions Last summer, school

Secure Your Communication with a VoIP Phone System Written by Stewart WenningSchool Engagement SpecialistFive Star Technology Solutions Looking for a new phone system for your