Technology is Everchanging

Our team provides school districts with ongoing onsite and virtual support as their leaders work to maintain existing technology, plan for future replacement/improvements, and minimize disruptions to the learning environment. With Five Star as your partner, we will ensure that:

Goals, a clear vision, and processes for your technology journey are established

A plan is in place to guarantee a smooth transition during the implementation of new technology

Your technology budget and funds are being used to best benefit your school district

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Educators at New Albany-Floyd County Schools discuss their leadership experience with Five Star.

How We Help Technology Leaders

Every school district has its unique challenges and sometimes that can be overwhelming. One of the most common questions we receive is “where do we even start?” Our team of experts serves as your teammates for all your technology planning and implementation needs.

VisionTransform Student Learning
Increase EfficiencyEstablish a clear vision with goals and priorities for how technology can transform student learning and increase efficiency in daily processes.
BudgetMaximize Funds
Ensure complianceWe develop the school district’s annual technology budget and grants in order to maximize funds and ensure compliance.
PlanningManage communication and change
Strategic PlanningWe assist with developing and administering the school district’s technology plan and annual technology updates as required by the Department of Education.

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