Coaching Services to Transform Technology Integration in Schools

At Five Star, we believe in empowering educators to make the most of technology in their classrooms. Research indicates that teachers who receive coaching tend to practice new strategies more frequently, adapt learned skills more effectively, and retain knowledge over time.

Our coaching services are designed to provide sustained learning, supporting teachers as they integrate digital tools and strategies to meet district goals and professional development plans.

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Onsite Coaching Services

We offer customized onsite coaching for schools and districts seeking to increase digital integration and provide teachers with support beyond traditional workshops.

Our coaches work with your staff to deliver individualized, small-group, and whole-group learning experiences. Whether it's co-teaching, lesson planning, modeling, or reflection, our onsite coaches are there to guide teachers through the process of integrating technology in meaningful ways.
Onsite Coaching
Onsite Coaching

Each package includes the coach’s salary, benefits, professional development, training, expenses, and travel costs. Additionally, schools will benefit from quarterly virtual check-ins for coaching. These meetings kick off with introductions and setting partnership goals, followed by progress monitoring and identification of evolving needs.

Virtual Coaching Services

Our virtual coaching services offer schools and districts the flexibility and accessibility needed to leverage technology without the constraints of physical presence. Our Five Star coaches provide personalized guidance and support to your educators. 
In addition to Five Star’s virtual coaching session, educators gain access to an AI-powered coaching platform. For the entirety of your Five Star contact, your teachers can use this platform on their own time to identify their priorities and receive customized coaching and resources, regularly updated to ensure relevance. 
Virtual Training
Virtual Training
Virtual Training
*AI Platform access for additional educators can be purchased for an added cost.

Each package includes access to a Five Star Coach virtually on the selected day(s)/month and 24/7 access to an AI-powered coaching platform. In addition, quarterly virtual check-ins are provided for coaching, with meetings designed to set partnership goals and ensure continuous progress. 

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