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In today’s tech-integrated world, mastering Google Workspace for Education is increasingly crucial, and our programs are designed to empower you! As a Google Certified Partner, our training covers four distinct Certification types for Educators, Coaches, and Trainers. Our goal is to enhance your preparation for Certification exams, strengthening you as an educator. Five Star’s Google Bootcamp Series begin at $229 per person. 

Registration for 2024 Google Bootcamps are now closed.

Google Certified Educator | Level 1

Our Level 1 Educator Bootcamp, the first of two certifications tailored for classroom teachers, delves into fundamental Google Workspace tools such as Drive, Sheets, Classroom, and YouTube. From basic integration to classroom applications, we cover it all, including best practices. Through hands-on sessions, participants practice test-taking strategies and scenarios, ensuring readiness for the Google Educator Level 1 exam.

Google Certified Educator | Level 2

Our Level 2 Educator Bootcamp delves deeply into advanced utilization of Google Tools, empowering educators to craft robust blended learning lessons. Designed for proficient Google Workspace users, this workshop guides participants through an in-depth exploration of core Workspace tools, advanced functions, and seamless classroom integration. Through interactive sessions, participants practice test-taking strategies and scenarios, ensuring their readiness for the Google Educator Level 2 exam. To further validate their newly acquired skills, participants receive an exam voucher to take the Google Certified Educator exam.

Why Get Certified?

  • Enhanced Digital Competence: Google certifications enhance educator proficiency in digital tools, enabling seamless technology integration in classrooms.
  • Improved Teaching Methods: By incorporating Google Workspace tools, educators will foster more engaging and interactive learning experiences.
  • Increased Student Engagement: Empowers students to innovate and design solutions to complex problems.
  • Customized Learning: Certified educators customize learning using Google tools for individual student needs.
  • Career Advancement: Google certified educators shine in the job market, opening doors to career growth and new opportunities.
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