2022 Next Generation School Improvement Grant

The Next Gen SIG Program is open to Indiana schools identified for CSI and TSI pursuant to Indiana’s approved Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) State Plan. Successful grantees will receive up to $300,000 in planning grant funds for the 2021-2022 academic year (may go into 2022-2023) and up to $3 million distributed over four years (academic years 2022-2023 through 2025-2026) for implementation. We know every school district is unique and has its own set of priorities. Our team has helped hundreds of schools across Indiana secure grant funding over the last decade. We can help your team track and manage your Intervention Priorities and Models through:
  • Strategic planning sessions for your Educational Transformation Team
  • Interactive data dashboards + Data Discovery training sessions
  • Actionable grant plan with transformation experts to guide future work
  • Measure & establish benchmarks with a research-based IMPACT Analysis
Watch the webinar below to see how Five Star can serve as your Expert Partner for the Differentiated Instructional Model. If you’d like to speak directly with one of our grant experts, fill out the short form at the bottom of the page by clicking here.

Looking for specific answers? See the timestamps below for the webinar video. 

1:47 – What is the Next Generation School Improvement Grant?
4:23 – Differentiated Instructional Model
5:32 – How Five Star Can Partner for the Planning Phase
6:40 – Education Transformational Team (ETT)
9:33 – IMPACT Analysis
10:42 – Strategic Planning
13:19 – Data Analytics with SIG
18:01 – The Road Ahead & Next Steps

Next Generation School Improvement Grant

Strategic Planning

The Five Star team will help schools set up an Education Transformation Team (ETT) to create a strategic plan to address your intervention priorities through monthly strategy sessions designed for educational leaders. An experienced Five Star expert will work with your ETT to create a customized growth plan that incorporates identified grant requirements and specific job-embedded opportunities with practical outcomes. Together, we will establish the vision, learning targets and goals that can be used to identify beneficial transformational learning and technology resources. 

Throughout the strategy sessions, the ETT team will build a robust and well documented plan for future phases of the grant that include consistently awesome, evidence-based learning opportunities for all stakeholders that are relevant and engaging based on suggested school topics and goals.

Interactive Data 

Discuss authentic opportunities for improvement and change based on real-time data decisions.  With the Five Star IMPACT Analysis process, the ETT will gain insight that help measure the effect of your digital learning and instruction. The purpose of the Integration Mastery and Proficiencies Across the Curriculum with Technology (IMPACT) Analysis Report is to assist the leadership team in creating an actionable intervention plan with identified goals, metrics, and supports. Using this report, leaders will design ways to ensure sustainability, establish norms and culture, build leadership capacity, shift the pedagogical culture, and transform learning.   

Five Star Data Analytics will create shareable visualizations of student learning, digital skills, and pedagogical approaches to enable school leaders to make better decisions and guide action. 

How to Get Started

Five Star has worked with hundreds of schools across Indiana over the last five years to help secure grant funding. Transform your school through the power of data and professional development for years to come!
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    (Next Gen School Improvement Grant Closes April 15, 2022)