We believe a great assessment tool should provide more than benchmarks.

Sure, we offer benchmarks three times a year, but we don’t stop there. With more than 100,000 standards-aligned questions available for grades K-12 in English language arts, math, history*, and science*. Pivot Assessments offers a combination of rigor, innovation, and integrity at one price. The result is ease of assessment delivery that provides specific feedback to teachers so they can quickly inform instruction to increase student learning.

*State specific US History Items for – Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Tennessee, and Virginia. Topic based standards-alignment for science. NGSS bundle is available as an add on.

Customizable Benchmarks

Pivot Assessments includes three benchmarks for ELA and math, allowing for year-round progress monitoring. Technology-enhanced items and a range of cognitive complexity are represented on each assessment. You can use our assessments “as is,” or you can modify them to match your district’s curriculum. 

100,000+* items that provide districts ample items for classroom and district assessments

Ready-to-use interim assessments that can be easily modified to align to pacing, assess student learning, and help prepare for high-stakes testing

Pre-builts aligned to the SBAC IAB blueprints to allow districts to mirror SBAC assessments

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Educators at New Castle Community Schools discuss how Pivot Assessments have made a positive impact on student assessments and how teachers are able to use their data to create awesome learning experiences for their students.

Pivot Assessment Features

Pivot Assessments offers high-quality assessment content that allows educators to assess student learning flexibility and leverage that information to make both strategic and tactical shifts in instruction.

Distractor RationalesDetailed distractor rationales and rubrics that equip teachers with specific feedback for quick, targeted intervention and reteaching
Performance TasksPerformance tasks and technology-enhanced items that reflect the rigor and format of high-stakes tests while promoting deeper thinking
Content ExpertsItems created by content experts that ensure content is accurately aligned and provides the results that educators need to drive instruction forward
Item EvaluationContinuous item evaluation process that uses psychometric analysis to ensure items are consistently performing as expected

Actionable Reports

Pivot Assessments includes several valuable reports. Each one has been designed to help you and your team answer questions that will empower you to make informed decisions about remediation, core instruction, and enrichment.

Standards MasteryHow are students performing on each Indiana standard?
This report provides information on class-level and individual standards mastery. For each standard assessed on the selected assessment(s), an average of the student’s cumulative performance is displayed.
Item Level AnalysisHow are students performing on each assessment question?
This report provides details about class and individual performance on each item on a selected assessment. It can be used to determine which items were problematic for students.
Review and ReteachWhat misconceptions lead to incorrect answers?
This report provides insights into why students likely selected wrong answers. Uncovering the misconceptions that are impacting student achievement is the goal of this report.
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“What I love about working for Five Star is the opportunity to partner with a variety of school districts. As a former teacher, I understand the value that a tool like Pivot can bring to a classroom. Helping teachers save time and get powerful student results is my passion.”

What our clients are saying about Pivot Assessments

I love using Pivot Assessments because the questions are comparable to ILEARN and the results provide me with so much insight into where my students stand academically. Being able to see the questions on each exam, and edit/add more questions allows the data received to be relevant to what is currently being taught in the classroom. It also opens up the possibility of adding questions to use as prior knowledge data before starting a new unit. My favorite report to use when scheduling and planning intervention is the standards mastery report. This allows me to see which students have mastered each standard and which students could use a little help. It is very user friendly for every classroom teacher.
Olivia DavisTeacher at Holy Family, Archdiocese of Indianapolis