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Is your district protected against debilitating ransomware attacks?

Ransomware and Malware attacks are on the rise in K12 schools as technology becomes more important in the classroom. School administrators shouldn’t have to spend valuable time trying to keep up with these emerging cybersecurity threats.

Now more than ever, protecting your organization’s digital environment is mission-critical.  Our range of services will help you understand where you’re vulnerable and allow you to better educate your staff, increase security, and actively monitor for threats.

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Cybersecurity Solutions designed to keep your school district safe and secure


The number one entry point for threats is a staff member clicking on a malicious link or attachment. Our experts will determine the status of your cybersecurity posture through our Cybersecurity Assessment,  then focus on increasing staff awareness through self-paced training modules, phishing simulations, and dark web scanning.


Further increase your cybersecurity posture by identifying vulnerabilities in your environment through internal & external scans, providing secure password vaults for staff, protecting your cloud storage (Microsoft & Google) and preventing malware and ransomware attacks with next-gen endpoint protection.


There is no better feeling than knowing there is an entire team watching your back. Defend your environment from bad actors and evolving attackers through event management with threat detection and active monitoring around the clock through our Security Operations Center (SOC).

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(Bronze Package)
Scan & Protect
(Silver Package)
Defend & Monitor
(Gold Package)
Cybersecurity assessment
Staff training & awareness
Phishing campaigns
Dark Web Monitoring
Internal & external
vulnerability scanning
Password protection
Cloud security
(Google, Microsoft O365)
Endpoint protection
Event management
w/Threat Detection
Active monitoring

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