As we said before, getting teachers to adopt new practices with technology isn’t easy. In our first installment, we provided some tips to keep you from making the mistake of ignoring teacher buy-in. In this final installment, we offer two more tips to help you avoid this common mistake.

A Guide to Getting Your Teachers Onboard 

Listen…no…REALLY listen.

A good coach is a mentor and confidant. You are there to listen to your teachers’ concerns and help make them better – not just tell them what to do. The quicker you move out of an approach that makes you look like a “superior,” the more successful you will be. One way to do that is to ask questions and then process the answers together.

Here are a few questions to get you started:

Do What You Say, Say What You Do

If you want teachers to buy-in to your ideas, make sure you are working to build their trust. One of the most important parts of buy-in is knowing that being part of a vision will translate into real results. This can only happen if others have faith and trust in leadership.

The secrets to a successful technology integration aren’t really secrets. If you are a coach or leader working with teachers, the first step is to invest the time necessary to engage them in the process.