Professional Development

Change the way you experience professional development.

The Five Star PD Team offers consistently awesome, evidence-based learning opportunities that are relevant and engaging to meet the learning needs of educators across the nation.

We specifically design our training for adult learners using a variety of modes, keeping it in context with personal experiences, connecting participants with others in the learning community, and never forgetting to have immediate application so it stays real and practical.

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Our feedback report card shows straight A's across the board!

Content Expert

Objectives Covered

Engaging Experience

Relevant Material

30+ Full Time Licensed Educators, Certified Trainers and Coaches who deliver 5,000+ workshops each year

Learning Modes

Live interactive workshops that model distance learning or in-person group learning and events

Individualized learning application and mentoring that can happen onsite or virtual

Resources and micro-credential courses that are available 24/7. 

Give teachers access to relevant, timely, and practical live and self-paced learning in the Five Star Learning Lab!

Live Virtual Workshops. 

Digital Resources.

Lesson Ideas.

Live Help Desk.

All In One Place.

Combine the power of live workshops and self-paced learning and prepare for liftoff!

Five Star Launch

Schools can build capacity across the district for remote or hybrid learning through a series that includes both live virtual workshops and microcredential online courses.  With session series specifically designed for administrators (Lead) or teachers and trainers (Teach), participants can join a cohort and gain perspective from other school teams or take on the journey as a district.  


Four (4) sessions specifically designed for administrators. 
Minimum of five. Group rates are available for larger teams.

– Establishing Your Vision 
– Evaluating Your Culture 
– Evaluating the Learning Approach & Metrics 
– PD: What You Need to Know to to Support Your Teachers


Five (5) sessions specifically designed for teacher leaders. 
Minimum of ten. Group rates are available for larger teams.

– Best Practices in Digital Learning Design 
– Improving Digital Instruction with Blended Learning 
– Creating Engaging Digital Learning Experiences
– Mastering SEL in a Digital Environment 
– Building Digital Skills for the Future

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“What I love about the Professional Development at Five Star is that all of our programming is built by educators, for educators. Our trainer’s classroom knowledge combined with their proficiency in adult learning theory truly sets us apart from the competition. We will work to create customized programming that fits the needs of you and your school.”

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