AI In The Classroom

Incorporating AI into K-12 Education

Discover AI Integration that supports differentiation and personalized learning in an ethical and safe environment. Lean in to copyright, fair use, and district AI Policy as you address student needs. This workshop series will empower you to harness the power of data and AI for educational excellence while upholding strong ethical principles.

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AI In The Classroom

AI Workshop Series Breakdown

Workshop 1: Introduction to AI (All)

In this workshop, we provide an introductory journey into Artificial Intelligence (AI). We begin by tailoring activities to your pre-workshop survey results, addressing your attitudes towards AI. You’ll gain the essential knowledge and tools to leverage Generative AI and chatbots to enhance your classroom experience, exploring practical applications that streamline administrative tasks and engage students more effectively. This workshop is your gateway to a future where AI-driven technology seamlessly integrates into your teaching toolkit.

Workshop 2: Generative AI & ED: Unleash Potential (All)

This workshop is designed to empower a diverse audience comprising administrative, technical, and teaching staff in harnessing the transformative capabilities of AI within the educational landscape. In this engaging session, participants will delve into the world of Generative AI and its profound impact on the field of education.

Workshop 3: AI Policies (All or Admin & Tech Only)

This workshop is a vital exploration of the intersection between artificial intelligence (AI) and educational policy. In an era where AI technology is increasingly integrated into educational practices, understanding the policy implications is crucial. Geared towards educators, administrators, policymakers, and other stakeholders in education, this session delves into the dynamic realm of AI policy.

Workshop 4: Differentiated AI Tools (Teachers Only)

In these separate, grade-banded workshops, we’ll guide you through a hands-on journey to discover AI tools that suit your students’ unique developmental needs. You’ll explore age-appropriate AI resources, teaching strategies, and curriculum integration ideas that align perfectly with your grade level.

Workshop 5: AI, Data, and Technical Use (Teachers Only)

Learn how to collect, analyze, and implement data responsibly while incorporating AI into your teaching. Gain the knowledge and tools to ensure that data-driven decisions and AI integration in your classroom are carried out ethically, fostering a safe and inclusive learning environment for your students. This workshop will empower you to harness the power of data and AI for educational excellence while upholding strong ethical principles.

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AI In The Classroom