Training & Workshops

Empower educators to become classroom technology experts.

Live synchronous learning opportunities connect us together as a community of educators.  But “live” no longer means you have to be in the same room. That is why we offer virtual and onsite training & workshops. We know that your district needs more than knowledge; they need leaders. 

At Five Star, we want to help you nurture these leaders and give them the tools that they need. Each of our workshops and trainings are designed differently to fit your needs. We even have custom training options available. 

Training Session at IDEAcon 2024

We offer numerous professional learning opportunities: Adobe Express, Google CS First & Applied Digital Skills, Google Educator Bootcamps, Learning Strategies (UDL, SEL, Artificial Intelligence, STEM, Digital Literacy, Blended Learning), and so much more!

ICE Adobe Session
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As an Adobe Training Partner for Education, Five Star empowers educators and students to seamlessly integrate Adobe Express into teaching and learning. By incorporating Adobe Express into your district's professional development, we infuse the joy of creativity into the entire learning experience.
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CS First empowers every teacher to teach computer science with tools and resources that are free of charge. This computer science curriculum makes coding easy to teach and fun to learn. Whether you are just starting with CS First or want to know what’s new, we have training opportunities for you!
Google ISTE
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In today’s tech-integrated world, mastering Google Workspace for Education is increasingly crucial, and our programs are designed to empower you! As a Google Certified Partner, our training covers distinct Certification types for Educators, Coaches, & Trainers.
Five Star AI Workshop
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With workshops in UDL, SEL, Artificial Intelligence, STEM, Digital Literacy, Blended Learning and more, gain the knowledge and resources needed to create an inclusive and supportive learning environment. Offered virtual, onsite, or hybrid.

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