Mt. Vernon Community Schools Case Study


K-12 Education


4,200 students


Fortville, IN

Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation & Five Star Engineering Support


Mt. Vernon Community Schools needed assistance managing their 1:1 device program, which consists of 4,200 Chromebooks. This included maintaining the network by keeping systems up-to-date and completing repairs when needed.

Extra support from network engineers was vital to maintain the multiple systems in place (wireless, virtual servers, switches, backups, etc.).


Five Star engineers shared their expertise and provided extra support for Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation’s technology department. Because of this, technology-related interruptions were minimized for staff and students.

Five Star listened to the needs of Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation. The developed current and future technology plans that fit the unique needs of the district.

Five Star Technology Solutions


  • When a network error occurs, Five Star provides multiple engineers to work and repair the problems. This team works together to identify issues quickly and communicate the solution back to Mt. Vernon in a proper amount of time. 
  • Five Star identified future upgrades and made recommendations that are the most appropriate for Mt. Vernon’s network, staff, and students. The team considered the environment and made appropriate recommendations that fit Mt. Vernon’s current and future needs.


Technology has the ability to transform teaching and learning; however, when schools have on-going network issues and delayed repairs, the frustrations outweigh the benefits. By partnering with Five Star Technology Solutions, Mt. Vernon has an extra layer of support to ensure students and staff are up and running for learning – every day!

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