K-12 Staff Evaluations

Align Teacher Practices with Student Learning Goals

It’s no secret that effective teachers lead to a more positive learning environment. So, how can your organization support your educators in the classroom?

It all begins with an easy-to-use system to help manage and maximize professional learning opportunities. 

Our Staff Evaluations tool allows you to

  • Collect, Code, Rate, and Reflect on Evidence in an Organized System
  • Communicate Securely Between Educators and Evaluators 
  • Set Goals for Continued Improvement
  • Track Professional Development & Growth
  • Monitor Progress Toward Student Learning Objectives.  

Click the image to see an example of a staff member’s document uploads

Five Star is a proud partner of the Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals (MASSP). Through close collaboration with MASSP the Pivot Evaluations software has been customized to be the exclusive software for digital implementation of the 5D+ Teacher Evaluation Rubric.

Additional Rubrics Currently Supported by Pivot Evaluations:
School ADvance, Collins-Blaha, Danielson, RISE, TLE, OTES, AWSP, AISLE, ISBA, and more. Ask us about your rubric!

Features of the Staff Evaluations Tool

Custom Rubrics
Don’t see your rubric listed above? Use our custom rubric builder to add district-created rubrics into Pivot. House all staff evaluations in one place for easy reporting. This includes rubrics for classified staff and ancillary staff. 

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Progress Page
Find all of the information you need in one convenient location to help you maximize your efficiency and provide timely & effective feedback to your staff.

Document Upload
Upload documents or links and code them to your rubric for your evaluator to include in the observation process. District Admins can upload District level documents and share documents with specific staff members or groups of users. 

Trends Reporting
Drill down on district level, evaluator level, or individual staff members to discover areas for growth and facilitate targeted Professional Development opportunities. 

Professional Growth Plans
Teachers and administrators can develop professional growth plans aligned with specific evaluation rubric domain competencies. 

Student Learning Objectives
Keep measurable learning at the forefront by developing standards-based learning objectives for students.

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