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Self-paced, or asynchronous learning, offers a way to avoid barriers like schedules and subs but still provide a rich, job-embedded, learning experience.  When done correctly, self-paced options can provide time for personal application, feedback, and connections to context that are meaningful to both educators and leaders. 

Five Star’s approach to self-paced learning is no different than our live workshops – we follow standards from ISTE (Technology Educator), NSQ (Online Teaching), and Learning Forward (PD National).



Our Learning Center can provide an enhanced experience for longer content in a place where learners can easily access materials anytime, anywhere.  Our self-paced courses are a micro-credentialed learning opportunity for participants, based on evidence and best practices.  The materials have been created by our Instructional Design team so that it can live alongside a live workshop experience, support resources, and even virtual coaching opportunities that bring a sense of community to the work.


Resources are those fast grab-n-go learning materials that give quick wins for busy teachers.  All resources are vetted and curated by a team of licensed teachers before publishing.  With hundreds of resources available, educators can quickly search or use filters to find just what they need.  They can mark a resource as a favorite, save it to look at later, or mark the learning as completed so they can get down-to-the-minute credit for their learning.

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Combine self-paced courses and micro-credentials with a Virtual Live Workshop for a more complete experience designed by our Five Star Professional Development Specialists.

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Every school district is different and has unique technology needs; there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. We’d love to chat about who we are and how we can help! Schedule an appointment with Client Success Specialist Myranda Thomas to discuss your needs more in-depth. You can also reach Myranda at the phone number and email below. Begin your technology journey today!

“What I love about the Professional Development at Five Star is that all of our programming is built by educators, for educators. Our trainer’s classroom knowledge combined with their proficiency in adult learning theory truly sets us apart from the competition. We will work to create customized programming that fits the needs of you and your school.”

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