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Choosing a new phone system for your school or district is not a light undertaking. That being said, upgrading to a new VoIP communication infrastructure can help your organization save money on telecom costs, improve staff and student safety, comply with federal regulations, and boost staff productivity.

Five Star Technology Solutions is one of the nation’s largest resellers of VoIP phone systems in K-12 school districts. Our solutions include handsets and packages with premium features – all for one low price.

Features that make a difference for educators

As a technology solution provider that specializes in K-12 schools, we’ve worked with more than 40+ school organizations to implement new phone systems. Whether you are looking to upgrade a decades-old analog system or you need to become compliant with Kari’s Law and RAY BAUM’s Act, our team can help you find the right solution at a price that fits your budget.

Simplified Budgeting
All expenses are included in the initial quote, so there aren’t extra fees or yearly renewal costs.

Constant Connectivity
Our mobility options (Reach, Plug-n-Play, & Follow-Me-Anywhere) allow accessibility after hours.

Feature-Rich Phones
Handsets include features such as caller ID, intercom, busy/available light, voicemail to email, and more!

Improved Security
When 911 calls occur, admins are notified right away. Dispatchers can locate the room number of the call.

Although every organization is unique, we believe there are
seven must-have features you must consider when upgrading a phone system.

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We would love the opportunity to share more information and examples on how we have worked with other school districts to make sure technology makes a difference in instruction and learning!