A Note From Dr. Jason Roseberry, President

Although I have been leading this work for a while now, it has been my absolute honor to officially take on the title of President at Five Star. It was nearly nine years ago that I made the decision to leave my position as an administrator at Scott County School District 2 and come to Five Star to help start the professional development department. It was a difficult decision, but I learned quickly that this organization is so much more than a K12 EdTech company – it is a state of mind. Working for Five Star means caring a whole lot about all educators, administrators, technicians, and students – even the ones we aren’t working with yet – and obsessing over solutions we could develop that would make their lives easier while increasing their impact on student learning. Working for Five Star means very long work days, intense conversations, and, ultimately, getting to craft solutions with some of the most innovative and caring people I have ever met.

Jason Roseberry - President, Five Star Technology Solutions

The pandemic has brought so many things into focus for us as individuals and as a company. We have been honored and overwhelmed by the trust school districts have placed in our team over the past year. Thanks to our Google partnership, we have had the chance to jump in and help schools, not just in Indiana, but all over the country (including Chicago Public Schools and Milwaukee Public Schools) as they quickly shifted to virtual instruction. We were also humbled to be chosen to partner with SETDA and The Mind Trust to create the Indiana eLearning Lab – a free synchronous and asynchronous software designed to support educators and parents with virtual learning and instruction in Indiana.

During this time, we have also made big changes to make sure we can continue offering the same high-level solutions at a cost that fits school districts’ budgets. Over the past year, we have become especially serious about increasing our customer service response, client communication, and rate of innovation. As a result, we have moved three Five Star legends to new positions in order to increase our leadership capacity. Nathan Davidson (V.P. of Managed Services), Lisa Cutshall (V.P. of Professional Development), and Sam Bush (V.P. of Product Development) now sit in key positions where they can help Five Star have an even greater impact with our school district partners. In addition, we have hired Eddie Sasser (M.S.D Warren Township) in an entirely new position for us: Senior Director of Engineering Operations.

What can you expect from Five Star moving forward besides an even higher level of customer experience? Innovation, innovation, and more innovation. We are obsessed with vetting or creating solutions to the next big problem school districts are going to face. As former teachers, administrators, and technology directors, we know that keeping up with these trends is nearly impossible with all of the demands placed on you. Some new solutions we are “obsessed with” right now include cloud migration, self-paced PD, virtual workshops, cybersecurity, Google technical offerings, Google dashboards, and just wait until you see what we’ve done to make our data warehouse (Pivot) even more user-friendly and customizable to help you address learning loss and more.

At Five Star, we feel we are at our best when we are running ahead to figure out which solutions positively impact student learning and then blazing a trail so we can offer a helping hand to school districts when they are ready to make changes. For me, blazing trails and helping hands is what Five Star has always been about over the past 15 years. I want to sincerely thank you for putting your trust in us and allowing our employees to partner with you to create awesome learning experiences in your school district. We can’t wait to see what we can do together over the next 15 years!

Dr. Jason Roseberry
Five Star Technology Solutions