Choosing the Best Phone System for Your District

Choosing a phone system that fits the needs of your district can be tough. How do you know which phone system will work best for your staff, make day-to-day tasks easier, and still be cost-effective? Take a look at our checklist to see which of our phone systems works best for your district.

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  • Affordability – Are you paying a monthly fee for your phone system? If so, you may be spending more than you should. Allworx VoIP systems have a one-time fee. This cost includes the price of the phones and the installation. That’s right, you make one payment on your system and then you’re done. #budgetfriendly
  • Safety – Creating a safe environment for students is a big concern for all school districts. Phone systems with a built-in emergency monitoring system allow staff members to make emergency calls anywhere at any time, while also notifying administrators and other school employees. Since each building can assign their systems a different DID (direct inward dialing), emergency dispatchers are able to locate the building and room number of the emergency location right away.
  • Mobility – Allworx Reach allows you to make and receive office calls from any mobile device. This feature is great for teachers and administrators because they can stay in contact without having to give out their personal phone numbers.
  • Accessibility – New VoIP systems have the ability to transfer voicemails over to email. 

Five-Star’s experts understand the challenges that come along with upgrading phone systems. Though it’s not an easy undertaking, they will help make the process as seamless as possible.