Our techs and schools work tirelessly at the end of the year to ensure that device collection goes smoothly. Though they expect the occasional problem, they don’t always anticipate some of the conversations they have with their students and staff. In honor of the end of the year, we offer you the top ten comments our techs heard during device collection last year.

  1. “I don’t know what that is (on it), but it isn’t human.”
  2. “The zipper is broken.”
  3. “It was like that when I got it.”
  4. “I don’t think you ever gave me a device.”
  5. “It’s been that way for a while, I just didn’t put in a ticket.”
  6. “My grandmother drove over it while it was in the driveway.”
  7. “My pig chewed off the arrow key.”
  8. “I never got a charger.”
  9. “Why do we have to wash them? I lick mine all the time.”
  10. “That’s either gum…or a booger.”

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