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The Five Star Learning Lab revolutionizes the way educators learn. With access to thousands of digital resources and on-demand workshops, teachers can earn and track professional growth points at no cost to them. Plus, Five Star’s licensed educators are available to chat Monday – Friday from 8am – 5pm ET to give your teachers a virtual coach in their pocket. 

Watch these short clips or view the entire video to see how the Five Star Learning Lab can transform learning within your district. If you have additional questions or would like to see the Lab in action, schedule a 30-minute demo or begin a live chat below! 

Five Star Learning Lab - Live Weekly Workshops
Five Star Learning Lab - Live Chat
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District and User Reports in the Learning Lab

Live Weekly Workshops 
Each week live workshops showcase and provide practical templates with guided learning experiences in short 30-minute connections, included free for every user. Teachers find the topics they are interested in on the posted Lab calendar and simply click to register and add to their personal calendar!

Coach Chat
A team of certified expert coaches, with classroom teaching experience, are at your fingertips! Chat with a member of the Five Star training team and ask questions or seek advice for blending technology in instruction.

Grab-and-go resources and lesson plans are quick wins for teachers without searching and wasting valuable time. In 15-minutes or less, find and learn tools and strategies that can be put into classroom practice right away. Any viewed resources keep track of learning time, making it easy to run a history report for license renewal.

Custom Collections 
Press the easy button for district-wide PD initiatives by adding training resources to Learning Lab collection just for staff in your organization. 

District and User Reports
Administrators have access to usage and accomplishment reports that monitor learning and growth for the district. Individual users can track progress and run aggregated history reports for evidence.

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