All too often I run across colleagues who are supposed to be on vacation but are often still working. How do I know they are working? Because they are sending me work-related emails while on “vacation!” My favorite is when someone tells me they are going on vacation, but they plan to continue checking email and keep in touch with work because they do not want to come back to an overflowing inbox. In the age of constant connectivity, we feel that we must be connected to our work at all times and be ready to respond or resolve issues just moments after they appear on our device. This constantly-connected state will at some point cause issues with family and friends during non-work hours, and more especially when we are supposedly on vacation.

It is possible to disconnect from work and actually have a vacation! I know this because I have done it several times. “Vacation” can be as simple as taking two days off of work to stay at home.

Vacation is extremely important! It allows us to break free of work and the daily grind. It allows us to do things that we enjoy and provides an excellent opportunity to spend time with family and friends (or even just get some “me” time). Time off helps prevent burn out and provides rest for the body and the mind.

For me, when I have taken even just a few days off work and truly stayed away from any and all work, I come back ready to tackle things. I find myself with more of a “can do” positive attitude, and my productivity and creativity are much higher. Simply put, I am on task and enjoying my job.

Here is what I have found to be successful when I can take a few days off or even take a real vacation while leaving work behind.




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