One way to upgrade your school network infrastructure is by tapping into the dollars available via the federal E-Rate program that is administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC). E-Rate provides discounts to eligible schools and libraries in the United States in order to ensure access to affordable telecommunications and information services.

E-Rate dollars are available for eligible public, private and charter schools across the United States. You may be aware of the federal program, but never pursued it because of the “red tape.” Although it can be a complicated mess of changing rules, don’t be discouraged! Five-Star is here to navigate you through the complexity of E-Rate while also helping you obtain the networking equipment you need to create awesome learning experiences in your district.

In an ever-expanding cyber world, today’s school networks need to be able to provide the necessary connectivity for students and school devices. By providing fast, efficient wireless coverage, students and staff members will be able to perform to the best of their abilities while also feeling safe in their learning environment.

Whether public, private, or charter, Five-Star has assisted schools all across Indiana in designing network projects to leverage E-Rate dollars without breaking their budget. We start by looking at their existing infrastructure, then focusing on the goals in mind for their schools. Once we have an idea of how to utilize their funding, we begin to design the E-Rate project with the assistance of the client. From start to finish, we are there through the entire bidding process. With our many years in K-12 education, let us help you take the worry out of E-Rate.