South Dearborn Community Schools Case Study


K-12 Education


2,200 students


Aurora, IN

South Dearborn Community Schools & Google Professional Development


South Dearborn Community School Corporation had to cancel classes eight days during the 2017-2018 school year. To better ensure continuity of learning for students, as well as incorporate time for staff development, the district wanted to establish eLearning days. 


South Dearborn turned to Five Star for planning and execution to establish eLearning days before winter weather hit (6 month time frame). They chose to utilize G Suite and Google for Education products.

Five Star provided extensive online and in-person professional development to staff to prepare them for uninterrupted learning on an eLearning day.

Five Star developed a plan of action for admin, staff, students, and the community to work together to make eLearning a reality.

Five Star Technology Solutions


  • South Dearborn successfully executed eight eLearning and Professional Development days the first year.
  • Students were able to continue learning on inclement weather days.
  • Staff were able to receive much needed professional development while students continued learning.


Midwest winters can be brutal! South Dearborn sought Five Star in preparing admin, staff, and students for eLearning days. Through a detailed plan, extensive professional development, and community engagement, Five Star was able to prepare the staff, students, and community for eight eLearning days that first winter. Since then, South Dearborn has expanded their eLearning days to include much needed professional development days for staff as well.

Hear from the admin at South Dearborn

Hear from the teachers at South Dearborn

Hear from the students at South Dearborn