School & District Surveys: Blended Learning

Blended Learning Dashboard
The Blended Learning Survey was adapted from the survey provided in the appendix
of K-12 Blended Teaching: A Guide To Personalized Learning and Online Integration*

Intended Audience(s)

Elementary Student
Secondary Student
Parent/ Guardian

Understand your teachers' current skills, practices, and attitudes about teaching in a blended learning environment.

Identify changes in opinions from each survey cycle, compare results among buildings and departments, and identify areas in need of the most attention.

We have developed custom survey dashboards for every survey to help schools monitor survey results on a variety of topics. With our Survey Dashboards, your team can easily:

Explore results by school, grade, gender, survey cycle, category, audiences, or question.

Compare the responses for any two questions to determine patterns.

Take data-informed action on areas in need of the most attention.

Monitor your stakeholders' collective progress on skills, practices, and attitudes between survey cycles.

View the number of participants who have taken the survey in real time.

* The questions used in the Blended Learning survey were adopted from the survey provided in the appendix of the following book: Graham, C. R., Borup, J., Short, C. R., & Archambault, L. (2019). K-12 blended teaching: A guide to personalized learning and online integration. Provo, UT: EdTechBooks.org. Retrieved from http://edtechbooks.org/k12blended. The survey asks teachers to rate their level of agreement with beliefs and their ability to complete certain tasks. The survey uses the following 6-point scale: 1 = Very Low to 6 = Very High.

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